After tasting Belgium truffles for the first time in his early 20s he was hooked on the finer chocolates. Always enjoying chocolate at any opportunity but now only truly appreciating the better quality pralines and truffles.

 Having a very artistic background and being an out-of-the-box thinker led to even more creativity. Making chocolates at holiday get-togethers for family and friends led to inspiration from their responses to his delicious creations. It was time to take this to the next level. Kevin Richards successfully completed his Professional Chocolatiers Diploma with Honours and still felt the desire to take it to an even higher level. This time it was to study in Aalst and Brussels in Belgium, successfully completing as a Belgium Maître (Master) Chocolatier.

 Kevin’s creations are becoming well sought after as everything is hand created and an original recipe. 

                                  THE PASSION


Barrie, ON, Canada

​​Kevin T. Richards has always loved chocolate.

His passion for chocolate began at a very young age and even as a child liked to create chocolate combinations, even if it was simply taking chocolate and dipping it in peanut butter. There are many who claim to like chocolate…Kevin is a true chocolate lover.

Creating Masterpieces


EVERYTHING that I do is with the highest quality ingredients and most premium chocolate. 

My chocolate & cocoa is always Point of Origin to Me.

I put my name behind each creation.