Barrie, ON, Canada

Taking smooth milk chocolate and adding organic peanut butter is such a comfort food.  There is a big difference between commercial peanut butter and this velvety smooth organic peanut butter. 

Truffles have been my main "go-to" for my customers however my lineup will be expanding into some amazing new creations being launched shortly.   Check out my Facebook page for the announcements.  

I also create delicious wedding & event bon-bonaires and specialty items.  r pTraragraph here.

My Signature tiuffle ~ using the World's most premium dark chocolate filled with a dream combination of rich ganache and Inniskillin's Cabernet Franc icewine.  

Many companies use a Riesling however the most decadent pairing with this rich, delicious dark chocolate is to use the highest ranked icewine, the Inniskillin Cab-Franc.  Type your paragraph here.

There is something just perfect in pairing a superior milk chocolate with a hint of orange & Madagascar vanilla.

 One of my favourites.youhere.


Rich, dark chocolate paired with pure spearmint creates a wonderful truffle, perfect for a dessert or special event. Type your paragraph here.

Infusing chewy caramel into a soft ganache is sincerely difficult to create however this delicious truffle is worth the incredible amount of work.  

A fabulous pairing of incredibly smooth milk chocolate with my own handmade caramel infused with a gentle hint of Fleur de Sel. 

Anybody who knows me will certainly agree....this caramel is amazing. your paragraph here.


This exciting truffle will certainly bring you a wonderful, heated experience.  Rick, dark chocolate and a smooth ganache kissed with a dash of organic cayenne.  Paired in such a way as to not heat your palate but warms the throat. 

When the Mayans first discovered cocoa in 5000 B.C. it was originally a warm drink served with cayenne.  

your paragraph here.

Get ready to get a bit nostalgic and travel back to your childhood...or maybe you've just never let go.

This super creamy & smooth creation is a premium milk chocolate paired with authentic sarsaparilla "root beer" & Madagascar vanilla...creating a decadent root beer float ! Type your paragraph here.